Houdini looks gorgeous on the retina screen of my Macbook Pro, but being a high DPI screen, the UI is very small. How do we easily solve this issue?


There is a GUI option to set UI scale under Edit > Preference > General User Interface. But what if none of these options dial into the perfect size for me, what if I want more granularity?



There is a system environment variable called HOUDINI_UISCALE, that you can use to set UI scale!

In a bash shell in OSX or Linux, type export HOUDINI_UISCALE=120 and relaunch Houdini.



You can also set this variable permanently in your .bash_profile, so you don't need to enter it each time you open Houdini from a new shell. For more information about the command line, read about how I've set up my Houdini environment on OSX here.

Sweet Success!