Original television series that are both entertaining and engaging are unfortunately few and far between, so when I heard the brief for Underground, I was excited. 

With the country on the brink of Civil War, the struggle for freedom is more dangerous than ever. Underground tells the story of American heroes and their harrowing journey to freedom, with legendary Harriet Tubman blazing the trail.

It was a great project to work on due to the variety of VFX shots required. I got to contribute everything from blood splatters, muzzle flashes and white-hot branding irons to cotton-field extensions. The most challenging of which was then setting this entire field on fire in a blaze of glory. All of this needed to be executed with a photo-real treatment, to ground the drama in reality.

You can watch the first season of Underground on America's WGN network from March 9.

Ausfilm also sat down with Cutting Edge to uncover just what it was like to help create the world of this period drama. Check it out at the link below.